Friday, February 28, 2014


If you would've told me years ago I'd be a no perm having vegan I would've laughed out loud!! Yet one day my daughter watched me perm my hair and she simply asked me “why are you putting that in your hair". Mind you I never our one in hrs and I talked against it constantly. So I had no answer therefore that was the last time I permed my hair. My husband helped me cut all the perm out and from then on I didn't put anything in my hair that wasn't natural so this lead to me not wanting to put anything in my body that wasn't natural. Going back natural was so exciting. I wore bows and tired scarves around my mini fro. My hair began to grow like crazy! I never knew my hair was so curly. WHY haven't I done this sooner???? I'm still a wiggy at heart lol I LOVE WIGS they are so fun!! But I'll never put glue in my head again. All this time we were taught don't get your hair wet. PLEASE NATURALISTAS WATER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!! =)) Keep a spray bottle handy and never comb your dry hair. Always detangle while it's wet and slippery with conditioner. Use natural shampoo and conditioner ones with no sulfate, silicon, alcohol and waxes. Have fun with your natural hair journey and feel free to ask me anything. Becoming vegan has been just as exciting I plan to show you here. Hello Healthy!! Have you dropped the creamy crack? How long has it been and what made you do it?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why vegan.

I became vegan after being a serious carnivore. But I hated how bloated I felt and started becoming nauseous after almost every meal. I saw myself gaining as much weight as I weighed when I was pregnant with my daughter. UNACCEPTABLE. I became vegan in 2013 but before transitioning I ate only fish and veggies for four months. After doing a cleanse such as the Daniels fast my palette was clean. I was so hungry tofu tasted like chocolate cake! Tofu tasted horrible to me when I wasn't vegan. Now that I'm 100% vegan I get asked alot of questions. So I created this blog to share how easy my journey has been. I'll include my highly requested recipes with you also. So this is for you my family and friends. Hello Healthy!! When did you decide to become vegan and why? I love to hear from you.