Sunday, March 16, 2014


I won't stay in anyone's gym for hours....for what? I will not kill my self on a dreadful machine NO THANK YOU!! This is my truth I'm not consistent with anything that doesn't make me happy. If I sweat when I'm in the gym that was a gold star workout today if not it's still red carpet workout because guess what I walked in and moved around somehow therefore I workout!!! Ok I do cardio no more than 20-25 mins. I switch to weights and I do 10reps and 3 sets of whatever I feel compelled to that day. It could be squats or a weight machine maybe even both. But I do what makes me happy. If something on the tv is good or my playlist is giving me life I'll stay on the treadmill. If I'm bored I split it up 10 mins on there than 10 mins on the bike. DONE. With my weights I use weights that accommodate me to get my reps and sets done!! I may take a class but I'm not staying in your class an entire hour. I'm sweating in the first half I'm out. For example Zumba for 20min and Yoga for 15min. WHOOOHOO GOLD STAR!!! I'll see you tomorrow! HELLO HEALTHY! What works for you? I'd love to hear from you?




I thought I would miss my egg sandwiches but not even!! Try this Tofu Scramble and tell me what you think!!! 

1/2 Pack of Organic Non-GMO firm Tofu
1/8 TSP BLACK SALT (gives an aroma of an egg) 
1/2 TBSP MILK (Almond, rice)

I shop at Indian grocers for my seasonings. I'm sure you can also buy online.

Drain and press water from tofu crumble and place in a bowl. Add all of the dry ingredients fold in be sure to distribute seasonings evenly but don't mush tofu you want the look of a scrambled egg. Add mayo and milk again fold in. Taste and see if it's seasoned enough for you. If you need to add table salt (not black salt)add a pinch at a time. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Restaurant Hop Alert

Yesterday my favorite vegan spot was closed. =( I searched for vegan in my phone and Falafill popped up. FALAFILL GENIUS NAME!! As I walked in not looking at the windows I assumed you could either order ala carte or buffet. This place has a 4 step process which will be easy after reading this post lol. 1 Choose what type of falafel 2 Choose pita or bowl 3 Choose a side fries, soup etc 4 Fill in your toppings from the bar. ONE WORD= HEAVEN!!! FOUR WORDS= OWNED BY A WOMAN!! YAAAAAAAAS GIRL POWER!!! Ok focus....I ordered the vegan Falafel in a Pita with a soup and I piled on hummus, cabbage, black beans and corn,  tomato and cucumber, garlic sauce and I'm sure that's not all. The owner actually took my order and she was pleasant. Even after I asked like 100x's “is this vegan"? BTW everything on the bar IS VEGAN! Listen it was so DELICIOUS I had to make myself not go back later that evening. I mean DISCIPLINE PEOPLE! However I can't wait to go back!! HEY HEALTHY!! How do you like your Falafel??? I'd love to hear from you?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Nile

My current binge Hummus and Falafel's!! MMMMM The olive oil is an added healthy bonus but it really tastes good with hummus! Ok I was unsuccessful with my falafel. I didn't know you have to seriously deep fry them which makes them taste delicious that is.  My hummus was amazing but since I didn't follow a recipe or write down how I made it the second time I prepared it....well it tasted horrible. With that being said I'm going to try it again and write the recipe down so I can pass it on to you. Lastly the food here is amazing not only the hummus I've also had the Makluba it lasted me for two days. Diva(my daughter) had the Arayis sandwich she ate half one day and the other half the next day and raved how delish it was. I mean how much do you live for food that sits in all it's glory overnight MMMMMMM!! My husband had the baked spinach pie and he loved it too. This place is cute and cozy the wait staff doesn't greet you traditionally with a Hi and how many, your server won't tell you her name if you don't ask. Oh and don't even think that you can keep getting pita if you have hummus left over there is a limit THEY AIN'T GOT TIME FOR DAT!! LOL but nonetheless the food is amazing. =)) HELLO HEALTHY!! What are you bingeing on this week? I'd love to hear from you.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Part one of my Vegan must haves.


Genetically Modified Organisms or (GMO) are organisms that have been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Using DNA technology, the molecules are combined to create a set of genes, and then the altered DNA is transferred to give it new genes, thus GMOs are constituents of genetically modified foods.

I mean this site really sums it up eating GMO foods attack your kidney and liver amongst other things. She also has a list you can download of non-gmo foods...LOOK Be Careful and read labels! Your health is priceless!! HELLO HEALTHY!! Do you purchase Organic? What's your take on GMO I'd love to hear from you.


Ok Native foods my all time fav!!! I'm so excited they are expanding their locations!! I love it. My non vegan Diva loves their food and I really think they are the reason my hubby decided to become vegetarian!!! =)) Take anon vegan here and have them eat the chicken sandwich mmmmm and listen I love corn beef Reuben and they make it the best here once l ate it for almost a week straight! Whose a happy girl I AM!!! ##yayme HELLO HEALTHY!! Have you tried this place what did you think? I'd love to hear from you and your food recommendations.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Things I have to have as a Vegan.

Alot of you have been asking what do I use for this and that. So I made a video just for you. The websites I love to use are and I switch back and forth depending on what I need or which site has it cheaper. HELLO HEALTHY! What are some of your must haves? I'd love to hear from you.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A little prayer

Yesterday I missed breakfast so by lunch I was starving. I said a little prayer like Lord I hope they have some veggies or at least soup. They had both I found my whole life in like two bowls of vegetarian soup mmmmm they were full of beans too. They served mixed veggies that I threw in my soup I was a happy girl. It really would help if I could bring my lunch and store it somewhere safely but since my job provides lunch it's impossible. Now I'm claiming they will have more vegan options because not everybody wants chicken and smothered this and that!!! =)) And people not all vegans want salad so when I say I'm vegan please stop showing me your salads you made lol I eat side dishes. Honestly I'm going to be that woman who keeps a cooler with her rusher she goes. Hello Healthy!! Are you always prepared? What do you do incase of an vegan emergency?