Saturday, May 14, 2016

Can I keep it real??

What happens when you have a baby then the things you overlooked about your DH now annoy the mess out of you??? I am a wife how likes to take care of her man. I mean a biblical wife lol. Now I have a prince my son, my cuddle buddy, my love Mister Big Stuff. He's exclusively breastfed and we cuddle at night. So since the birth of my son now I'm feeling extremely vulnerable. I have just looked at my entire life. My babies future everything. Our security, our safety. Its so overwhelming and one thing I know for sure I am DONE having kids lbs. I dont believe in comparing babies so I try not to compare husbands. I am praying and thanking God for better days. I am also claiming a God fearing male mentor for my husband I really believe it would make a world of a difference since he was raised by women. I have been blessed with married strong God fearing women who play no games I love them they have great advice. Lord your will.

Monday, May 2, 2016

A baby boy a decade later

Things are so different this time.....where do I begin. I live my husband, his mom and his sister. Wow round ligament pain, I worked till my last month, my baby refuses a pacifier, wont take a bottle, he reaches for me, cuddles with me and now he's 8months and although he hates car rides we stay on the move!!! Seriously something has awakened in me. I'm so happy to be a mom of an infant. I was extremely sick both pregnancies my insurance covered a midwife both pregnancies imo it's the best way to go. Both times I delivery naturally HOWEVER if a miracle happened and I became pregnant I'd like to see about an epidural YEP I SAID IT!!! I go back and forth being vegan. My husband and I were actually trying to conceive and ran into problems because of my soy intake. PLEASE limit your soy if possible eliminate it. My hormones were out of control. I kept getting a cycle. Like every  week to two weeks. After doing a little research I ate some meat and was preggars in a month! Yes I probably just could've stop the soy but I was also on vacation so I just decided to do some experimenting!!! =)