Sunday, March 2, 2014

A little prayer

Yesterday I missed breakfast so by lunch I was starving. I said a little prayer like Lord I hope they have some veggies or at least soup. They had both I found my whole life in like two bowls of vegetarian soup mmmmm they were full of beans too. They served mixed veggies that I threw in my soup I was a happy girl. It really would help if I could bring my lunch and store it somewhere safely but since my job provides lunch it's impossible. Now I'm claiming they will have more vegan options because not everybody wants chicken and smothered this and that!!! =)) And people not all vegans want salad so when I say I'm vegan please stop showing me your salads you made lol I eat side dishes. Honestly I'm going to be that woman who keeps a cooler with her rusher she goes. Hello Healthy!! Are you always prepared? What do you do incase of an vegan emergency?

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