Sunday, March 16, 2014


I won't stay in anyone's gym for hours....for what? I will not kill my self on a dreadful machine NO THANK YOU!! This is my truth I'm not consistent with anything that doesn't make me happy. If I sweat when I'm in the gym that was a gold star workout today if not it's still red carpet workout because guess what I walked in and moved around somehow therefore I workout!!! Ok I do cardio no more than 20-25 mins. I switch to weights and I do 10reps and 3 sets of whatever I feel compelled to that day. It could be squats or a weight machine maybe even both. But I do what makes me happy. If something on the tv is good or my playlist is giving me life I'll stay on the treadmill. If I'm bored I split it up 10 mins on there than 10 mins on the bike. DONE. With my weights I use weights that accommodate me to get my reps and sets done!! I may take a class but I'm not staying in your class an entire hour. I'm sweating in the first half I'm out. For example Zumba for 20min and Yoga for 15min. WHOOOHOO GOLD STAR!!! I'll see you tomorrow! HELLO HEALTHY! What works for you? I'd love to hear from you?


  1. Awesome post sis! Love the transparency and congrats on launching your new blog!! I love it

    1. Thanks for the support Queen!! I'm having so much fun, I'm so excited to just talk about what has helped me it may just help others!!